AOTO Shining at 2019 InfoComm India 09-20-2019

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The 2019 InfoComm India has been successfully kicked off at Mumbai, India from 18th to 20th, Sep. Since its inception in 2013, InfoComm India has drawn record highs in visitorship and participation. At this time, AOTO brings its growing product family at booth F50, leaving a fabulous impression to the live visitors.

As the first company in the LED industry to achieve mass production of Mini LED, AOTO has developed multiple Mini LED products with different pixel pitch, including 0.7mm, 1.2mm, and 1.5mm, etc. Locating at the most eye-catching position of the booth, AOTO CLD Mini RS 1.5 attracts many people. It can reach 4K and 8K resolution through seamless splicing. Comparing with other companies, AOTO exclusive Mini LED technology achieved over 30 patents worldwide, and it solves the on-site maintenance problem, inconsistent color and brightness issues from COB product. What is more, AOTO CLD Mini 81 that tailors to conference application unveiled in the show. Combined with the self-developed office integrated software and hardware, it compatible with multiple intelligent platforms, like mobile phone, iPad, computer, etc., which helps to enhance the meeting efficiency.

In addition to Mini LED products, AOTO also invests a lot for other series to satisfy varieties of applications, such as T10, E5.8, C1.8, and excellent controllers, etc. T10 is a transparent screen with up to 90% high transmittance and plasticity. With good transmittance and changeable cabinet, it is convenient for the perfect integration of screen and curtain wall. Together with T10, AOTO E5.8 also wins the wide attention from audiences by its superior performance, such as the high IP, lightweight structure, and front or rear maintenance. It is commonly applied in digital media and transportation.

Since the last 2019 InfoComm Orlando, AOTO C1.8 has achieved a good reputation from the industry. At this time, it still catches people’s eyes with its innovative module design. C1.8 supports flexible convex and concave formation, and it can achieve a minimum diameter 0.92m. All these help to meet a variety of design requirements. This series can also be applied in both indoor and outdoor occasions. As the new product of AOTO, it is expected to be widely adopted in the future worldwide.

AOTO 32K & 64K controller also become one of the important parts of the 2019 InfoComm India. Compared with 2K, 4K and 8K controller, 32K and 64K controllers have large loading area, rich video interface and flexible configuration, which are capable of carrying multiple 2K and 4K displays in one machine, better suited for large command centers, etc.

Last but not least, the 2019 System Integration India Awards (SIIA) was held on the first day of the show. AOTO was honored to be the LED stage partner and awarder of the ceremony. Positioning at the center of the stage, AOTO M2.5C clearly displays the awards information, becoming the key spot of the on-site participants. Since its establishment in 1993, AOTO always focuses on customer relationships and product quality. With the introduction of AOTO India office, more highly professional and localized customer service will be ready for future development.