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AOTO M4C LED Display Unveiled Bountie Esports Arena Opening Ceremony 07-31-2019

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On31st of July, the Vice President of AOTO LED Display Business Group,Kalin Lee, attends the opening ceremony of Bountie Esports Arena, the first E-sportsArena in Singapore. E-sports market is potential for the led display industry,AOTO has launched the E-sports solution since ISE 2019. Based on the advanced technology and innovation,AOTO can provide a professional solution to this market, which includeshardware, control system and software. AOTO control system integrates thelatest AR, VR, and 3D technologies, aiming to create the immersive experience forplayer and audience.

Asthe emerging gaming mall in Singapore, Bountie Esports Arena sets multiplegaming interactive scenes based on current popular games, which brings an unforgettableexperience for gaming enthusiasts. In order to maximize the immersive gamingexperience, Bountie Esports Arena focuses on the high-end LED displays market.After comparing different products, the company was totally attracted by AOTOM4C LED display with its superior performance.

AOTOM4C product adopts the die-cast aluminum material. With the lightweight andflexible structure, it is easy for maintenance and installation, and it cansplice to different shape according to customers ‘needs and situation, such asthe 90° screen, and curved screen, etc., It creates a wider and comfortablevisual environment for players. Also, together with other gaming equipment, theM4C’s effect is so vividly-presented that all the players would feel on thespot in person.

Itis widely known that E-sports has pretty high requirement for the imagefluency. AOTO M4C supports HDR performance under 144Hz, which can guarantee thestability and accurate synchronization of the live video content. No matter howfast the game scene is switched, there will be no latency and moiré phenomenon.The 24 bit processing depth technology and high contrast of M4C fully restorethe original color of the gaming scene and improve the image quality. What ismore, M4C innovatively compatible with the high-bandwidth transmissiontechnology and it can reach 10G broadband transmission with only one cable.This helps to enhance the transmission quality and meet the requirements ofhigh refresh rate and HDR E-sports occasions. More importantly, M4C supportsfront and rear maintenance, there is no need for big space for installation.AOTO 2K control system also makes ‘multi-screen by one key control’ possible,as it can flexibly control the display’s operation and satisfy different gamingscene requirements.

Inthese years, E-sports industry has been witnessed a fast development inworldwide. Especially in China, the game player already reached to 260 billionpeople in 2018, which means a huge potential for the LED display industry. Asthe most professional LED display company in China, AOTO superior product qualityand exclusive technology definitely meet all the standards and requirements ofcurrent E-sports application. AOTO is ready for this attractive Blue Sea market. In the future, AOTO’sproducts will be applied in more high-end E-sports occasions.